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How do your drivers know what your clients want?

You have finally been able to win that interesting client; the first orders are received in your ERP or TMS. The planner is supported by an optimisation tool to produce the best possible planning. The tours are planned. Your fleet required a considerable investment, but what is a transport company without the right vehicles? The drivers are ready for the most important part of your processes, the actual execution.

How do your drivers know exactly what the requirements and wishes of that interesting client are? Are they going to read that on a piece of paper, or do they have an "app" that came with a certain package anyway? How quickly can you inform your drivers about the demands and wishes of the next interesting client? Or if those requirements and wishes change, so that new processes have to be added?

The actual implementation of everything agreed with your clients is in the hands of your drivers. That is quite a responsibility that requires support from the right people, with the right resources. The vehicle and any other resources (such as tools, a pump truck or a tipper truck) are basic necessities. The communication between your central system and your drivers is just as crucial and deserves to be supported by software that is reliable, stable and flexible. Software that has been developed with a focus on processes like yours. When choosing that software, give it plenty of attention and choose a user-friendly product that suits your people and processes. And be aware of the fact that data from the vehicle is something completely different from the data that controls, communicates and records your work processes.


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